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This Simple Practice Could Change Your Life (Empaths Must Read)

There are numerous blog posts, articles and memes online that call to pay attention to others, especially those that provide guidance and insights about the behaviour of other people and what impact has on us. These messages are useful, as they are confirmation of the feelings one has with dealing with others. Gaining an insight on the relationships we have and create with others can avoid disappointment. Nothing that our gut instinct won't tell. 

Empaths in particular feel these energies. The truth is that the majority people can feel the energies of others. Empaths have this sense more developed, and if there's a sudden awakening to this ability, it is normal to focus on it. There are fewer people who are completely unfeeling. 

There are as many quotes on focusing on the self, the inner journey and the silence within. They are, however, silent, and not as strident as the first group.

To avoid or to decrease the effect that the energies of others have on us, -although this might not be possible in all cases, as some people might be energetically imbalanced- there's a simple practice we can take on. The first step is awareness that we are focusing our attention on others, and somehow not only attracting a negative energy, but also provoking it in a way. The fact that I can perceive your energy and intention, doesn't mean you cannot feel mine. If I focus on finding the negative in others, negative is without a doubt what I will find. 

Let's instead focus the attention on ourselves. Pause when meeting someone and be aware of your space and energy. Focus on this only. Let your soul flow and grow. Greet others with the touch of your soul, not with words. It only takes a few seconds. When we met someone else in silence, and hold our space and energy while acknowledging them, we invite a connection with their soul. They might not be aware of it at the time, nor we have to inform them. This is a silent exercise for your own benefit. Meet and honour the soul, then the person. See if in time there's a change in feeling and perception.

It might not be possible every time there's a meeting with someone. Practice when you are in a cue in a shop or in a public area and when no direct interaction takes place. Instead of looking at the behaviour, seek the soul. 

This can also be practiced when we're alone at home. Look at your surroundings, but focus the attention on yourself. You will see the soul expanding and the environment changing within seconds. You could also stand in the middle of a park, or in a coffee shop, and look at people from a distance. But don't focus the attention on people, feel their souls. Souls can communicate anytime from any distance. 

When I do a soul or spiritual reading, I allow silence. The connection is immediate, and as I transcend their physicality, I see and hear the message of the soul, allowing me to write it in a way that is recognised by the person I'm reading. These connections are truly magical, and for an hour, there's only two souls playing and honouring each other. From my experience, it's incredible how a person changes when the soul is allowed to participate. In this case I am only facing a photo and looking at the eyes, hence the only option is to reach the deepest silence within and listen. 

If everyone in the word could keep quiet for an hour and simply acknowledge each other's souls, everything would change from one moment to the other. There's an incredible power in silence, as there is in focusing all the attention in ourselves. It might not be an easy exercise to practice to begin with, but in time it will make a difference to your life and the way you feel about others, how you feel about yourself, and overall feeling. Remember, everyone has a soul; everyone is a soul playing human. Too bad humans forgot to play.

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