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Five Articles Towards More Conscious Relationships.

The word out there is that the number of people seeking more conscious relationships is on the rise. Conscious relationships offer an open space in which both individuals can express themselves freely, so as to embrace the other in a constant dance of authenticity. Conscious only means that there's a deliberate attempt to work through obstacles, triggers and dramas by understanding the self, then others. On principle this creative space is found in all relationships. What makes a difference is that the effort is deliberate, allowing a variety of emotional and practical tools to operate in order to create a more dynamic and successful relationship. 

There are no limits to what two people can achieve in a relationship if they both consciously work on expanding. Relationships can help to debunk inflexible myths and stereotypes that keep people stagnant. It's perhaps the best space to heal traumas and to learn what we really want from life and love. Not all relationships serve the purpose, nor would contribute to improve either the self or the way we interact with others and the world. While there's not a magic formula that serves all, as any insight requires flexibility and adapting to new patterns, beliefs and habits, it's possible to find the right direction through awareness, which is the intention of this blog post. What one does or doesn't do with this information if implemented always comes down to a personal choice to improve the self, in order to be more whole, more magnetic, more attractive; more authentic. 

The first article, Seekers After Truth deals with truth. A necessary journey within that helps to know more about who we are not until somebody gets to know who and what they really are. While this is a personal exercise, the support of a loving partner makes the journey a more fulfilling experience from a place of understanding and compassion. 

Shadow Work is another essential tool to have in mind throughout the relationship. The process is done both, individually and as a couple. In the book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' there's a detailed description of the process, as well as treating different dynamics in relationships. There are incredible benefits to shadow work for those interested in creating a more conscious relationship, not only with their partners, but with the self. 

In Twin Flames and Fear Of Love, to which it could be added intimacy, even though it a different subject and one that will be published in this blog shortly, the reader can explore some of the obstacles that people create when facing love and in relationships. It also deals with what the deep root that leads many people to abandon relationships or not to begin one. 

Sacred Sex: Honouring Heart, Body, Soul And The Miracle of Love is an exploration on the ever expanding possibilities that a couple can find through sex, as well as the importance of love, foreplay and playfulness between two lovers. 

Finally, The Problem With Trust delves into one of the most common issues that a couple face in a relationship, and ways in which they might deal with it once there's an awareness and acceptance that this might be a problem. 

Over the years, most of the people I've coached on relationships and personal development expressed great interest in dealing with relationship issues mostly, and while it's important to be aware of the dynamics in relationships, most of them agreed that they could have avoided breaking up with their couples if they've built their relationships on some of the solutions provided in these five articles instead of leaving everything to chance. With greater awareness, the chances are that relationships become happier and successful. 

Most issues in relationships, if not all could be solved by simply focusing on love, as love is the true alchemy to transformed everything. Every article written and read, every piece of advice, any understanding on the dynamics in relationships mean nothing if love is not the driving force. 

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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