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The Freedom In Being Authentic.

Being authentic is perhaps the most difficult part of being human, or so it appears be. In a world that dictates, what everyone should do, be and think or what is right or wrong because, because, because; to remain true to who and what we are can be a daunting experience, but also one filled with wonderful rewards. There are no disadvantages to being authentic, when considering the infinite space for personal expansion that provides. It is, of course, possible to find all the negatives to being authentic, and if you don't find them, do not fret; others will soon point it out to you because, because, because ... 

Some choose to die on their feet, most; to live on their knees ... or not to live at all, but to merely survive in their path to regret ... 

Uniformity kills uniqueness.

My first encounter with uniformity came when I was 3 or 4 years old. Everyone had to wear a fancy custom. It had been agreed that the boys would wear a footballer's uniform, while the girls had the freedom to pick whatever they wanted to wear that day. The dictate of uniformity begins early in everyone's life, and so it's gender division. It's only that we're too young to realise it. My mother made my uniform, which I happily wore to kindergarten. The rest of boys wore the local team's uniform. As mine was different, I was told that I couldn't play with them. There was a spare ball for me to play with. Alone I could do anything I wanted. Lesson One, and what a precious lesson that was. 

Learning to play alone I became my own greatest entertainer. There's neither room for boredom within, nor I allow anyone to bring it to me. 

Stories such as this, I've lived many in my life. From this, anyone can see that not complying with uniformity is reason for exclusion, but when I think about that day, I see that I was excluded from a competition in a game I didn't particularly wanted to play with mindless children who've already lost their uniqueness to uniformity, while mine remained intact. 

At the time, I was too young to feel the energy of rejection. I loved my hand made costume, -which is actually one of the best memories I had with my mother- and it was clear that there was no reason for their reaction. It was an age at which I could already write, and when I started school my grades went sky high. Hand made clothes continued being part of my childhood. I looked different. I was 'different', and so I learned to live with it. High grades were another mindless reason for rejection in the thoughtlessness of many. 

My top that day was made with love. There was nothing loving about those boys, nor their behaviour. Guess which one I proudly chose?

Most of the reasons people use against someone's uniqueness, comes from the threat that someone's confidence represents to their feeble beliefs, as well as their own lack of confidence to live authentically and in harmony with what calls their souls. The sad truth is that someone doesn't have to do anything extraordinary to be hated by others, they just have to be themselves. 

Eventually I got them back.

Being authentic builds up self-belief and confidence, as the energy someone grows with is aligned with and closer to who we really are, than to the unwritten manual of uniformity; a manual that otherwise no one knows how to read, nor interpret. Everyone who tries to read it gets lost in it. 

Authenticity pokes people's sensitivities in others and creates fear. People react accordingly.  How dare someone to wear or say or do what I don't! 

Bullying is uniformed. 

Authenticity is nothing but to preserve and expand personally by following one's uniqueness the best they can, without betraying one's personal standards. It doesn't mean that one cannot compromise in order to get employment or other means to live or being social. Nowhere in the definition of being authentic there's an excuse or a reason for being an asshole to others in order to preserve their own personal space. There's an abysmal difference. 

The route of authenticity is clear. One focuses on their creative energy to better themselves,  and when possible the lives of others. Being true to oneself builds from within, while uniformity begins to build from the outside, with no care at all for the inner call in the human being. Forget feelings, emotions, dreams, desires. Just put this top on and come and play with us whether you like it or not. If one shirt is what makes the difference to being admitted to any kind of social group, perhaps you should consider the real value of what you're buying and why.  

Being authentic is a magnet for people who accept you as you really are, not for what they expect you to be. Authenticity and uniqueness are highly appreciate by many. It's also a powerful filter that most people wouldn't pass through. What matters from the beginning is the quality of the human connections, not the quantity. The urge for popularity that plagues the world in order to cover social isolation or the sense of inadequacy that takes over someone's soul the moment they buy their ticket to uniformity makes connections shallow and without substance, as well as being one of the reasons why loneliness and depression are taking over the heart of the collective. Imagine how many cocktails one needs to get through that social experience. 

Life might not be easy while being authentic, as the stand is this: "it is what it is; you decide." Taking a closer look at this approach, one can see the numerous benefits. Many people behave in ways that are socially acceptable in order to be liked or accepted by people they don't like, which is no guarantee to make others happy. People will continue being unhappy no matter what others do, if unhappy is how the feel. If they don't like you, they probably don't like themselves. When we're at peace with who we are, we don't have time to like or dislike, as we spend most of our time being. 

While someone's efforts, time and energy are focused on improving themselves in whichever field they choose, they look within, whereas, seeking external mirrors to achieve the same effect, one loses authenticity, becoming a feeble mirror of what's expected. The heart shrinks when someone's desires are misplaced for the comfort of others. In the end, this formula makes no one happy. Seeking constant validation is exhausting, as there's always someone ready to point out that you're not wearing the uniform right, or that it doesn't suit you or that you can't afford it, therefore you're a fake. Of course, these people are already down, and that's where they want to bring you in. 

It's possible that the opposition to being authentic begins at home and at a young age. This can be intimidating and one can live in constant fear of their parents. It continues at school, it comes from peers and social circles. Everyone knows what's best for us, but no one ever asks what we really want. For this reason, being authentic can be a solitary path, in which the only confirmation of who we are might only come from the self. It's necessary to seek comfort and reassurance within. 

         When you buy the uniform, someone dictates the rest of 
                                                                your life for you. Think about that!

There are two important facts about me since the moment of birth. One, I am a writer. Everyone in my family knew this. Only I know the times I was discouraged. I was not so open to express the second one or to share it with others. This was the connection with the Universe and its energies. I could read people since I was born, and I believe that at that age anyone can. There were two reasons why I kept it mostly to myself, until I didn't share it with anyone. One, people didn't understand it, and two; it scared people to know that I could see or hear what they were thinking. Of course, when we keep our gifts hidden, these tend to disappear or just to remain dormant, for which reason there are so many people seeking to return within and finally remember who they are. This is something I never forgot. 

At the age of six, it's safe not to tell an adult that you know they're lying to you, and that you know this because you can feel the energy and also see the words they mutter in a different colour from that of the truth. 

It is the same connection with writing, as it comes from a stream of consciousness. This is something that I didn't need to share with anyone, as it doesn't make any difference to neither the writing, nor the reader, and if I do today is to illustrate how important it is to remain loyal to a gift until we remember. 

How we tell the story or how much we buy into the lie of uniformity determines who and what we are and who we're going to be. In my case, both writing and readings are gifts, but I have not forgotten that I am the vessel, that there's a beautiful and touching connection to a higher force that allows me to channel such information, and while I can claim that it comes from me, I can only feel blessed and grateful for what I've been given. 

In time I learned to use these gifts in ways that helped me and others, until I managed to sustain myself with who and what I am. A soul reading is perhaps the best example, as there's always a mirror, which is described accurately. What I see and hear touches parts that people have not seen, nor felt in themselves for a long time, thus creating an amazing healing energy that brings immediate relief to them. It's a honour to be able to show people that they're not invisible, that they don't have to hide any longer. To have the ability to show others a part of their consciousness is touching. 

This energetic connection also makes my therapeutic practice incredibly successful, as I can see and feel who people really are, as well as what they're struggling with. 

Had I bought the uniform and surrender my spirit to its ways, none of this would have been possible. When I see and feel the joy and healing in others for gifting them with what is essentially who and what I am, I can only imagine what a waste it would have been to wear the tie and suit. Surely people can find other ways to heal. At best, I'm just a piece of the puzzle, but what if all the other pieces are wearing the same uniform?

The opposition to what I do or I am continues from family, friends and other social groups, but having reached the point in which what I do is what I am, and who I am, it has little to no effect on me whatsoever. Not that I ever cared much for what others think of me! To reach this point, I have to be stubborn on keeping the belief in my gifts, having gone through hardship and rejection time and again, but when I look back, I would have not liked to cross any of those doors that never opened. Moreover, the doors that didn't open only made it easier to get to where I am. In fact, I'm grateful that they never opened, so I can be here and now. 

At one point many years ago, I left everything; financial security and the freedom that brings, accommodation, relationships, friendships, and being homeless and broke brought further rejection, but every time I grew stronger, because who I am is built on self-belief, which is a incredibly expansive energy that comes along with the people I need, the places I have to visit and the rewards that are meant for me. However little or much I have, it's a life of abundance, colourful and wild. Being wild is a necessary step every day, as it is to jump from one leap of faith to another. Many were left behind. Others didn't make it, as it was not meant to be. From sadness to joy, all emotions are experienced in the way to freedom. 

Being authentic is love, self-respect and love. Do not let anyone take that away from you. 

Do not be distracted by my experience. The courage, love and self-respect necessary to be your most authentic self is in everyone, regardless of what you've heard or being told. 

From the moment someone decides to be authentic and true to themselves, one can only be a better person, caring less about what others do and more about what we do. There are forces around that move to bring whatever is necessary in order to succeed, and if joy and abundance doesn't come earlier, it's only because because because we don't know better, that we still don't trust the magic of the Universe. What I know from experience is that we dictate our future with the decisions we make now. What makes a difference is the path we choose to walk, and to know that we're on the right track one only needs to follow the immediate feeling. If it feels good, you're one step closer to being who you really are. 

And my uniform? Well, I'm sure someone else bought it. If you're reading this, it's unlikely that you bought it. 

Be authentic, play with it and have fun with it. If it's not fun, you might have to walk in a different direction. 

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