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Balancing Energies: Restoring male energy and raising female energy.

There is no doubt in me that the rise of the female energy is essential for humanity to see what this world is supposed to be, not what it is today. Women play a crucial role in the evolution of this process, and so do men. We're both equally important. This is not only intuition. Men and women cannot continue co-existing against other. During the last 8 months I have dedicated most of my efforts to help and empower women; to make them feel appreciated and to show them who they really are, not what and who they've been told to be. The change in this group of women has been significant and most rewarding for them and for everyone around. I know for a fact that the lives of most of them has improved significantly, as they have gained in self-knowledge and self-esteem. They're all in contact with each other, and every day I see signs of this joined effort bringing support, friendship, love and belief to others. Openness and clarity are crucial in every collective endeavour.

During this period, I met mild opposition from some men, and ironically from a few women, although any attempts to stop this initiative has been unsuccessful. This is proof that one person alone can make a difference. You can also make a difference. As I didn't explain the reasons behind my actions, it is understandable to a certain degree that there was some level of distrust. We don't have to explain ourselves to anyone. We do what we do and we speak with our actions. This blog post is not intended in any way to offend or to point fingers at anyone. It is human nature to react to what we don't know or to what we don't understand. I also have to mention that I have felt supported by many men who stood by me. It is however, not my job to teach a woman how to be a woman -this is a woman's job,- but to show them how they are supposed to be treated. My intention was and still is, to show others that love and friendship between men and women is possible when respect and admiration is mutual without any personal gain. What I have received in exchange is much more than what I could have asked for.

Both male and female energy run through every man and every woman. The male energy is beautiful in the sense that it is goal oriented and it is the energy required to manifest. There is an abyss in between what this energy represents, what it should be used for and what it has become. Men alone cannot be blamed entirely for our attitudes towards the world, women, children and every other living creature. Patriarchal society, however, has to answer for centuries of interference with this energy and the current state of the world. Patriarchal society stands as a moral and energetic entity that has spread an education system and a way of living which is, both, obsolete and immoral, as it shamelessly opposes to a great number of its teachings, and promotes the submission of women through explicit violence, the non-participation of children and the slavery and slaughter of all other living creatures. It is not kinder to men either, although we live under the illusion that men are in control and we rule the world. We do not. Patriarchal society is the grand puppeteer. The end result is violence against all  forms of life.

In 2001 I gave a seminar on 'Catch-22' by Joseph Heller at Goldsmiths' College in London. As part of the seminar, students read paragraphs before discussing the topics covered in the book. In essence 'Catch-22' is a novel that denounces the absurdity of war. The choice of surreal humour is very deliberate. It does not make sense. Towards the end of the session I asked a young female, Katherine, the only student who had not yet participated to read a paragraph which depicts the consequences of war, but not only this, a clear representation of what the world is today. The passage describes famine, scarcity, rape, violence, death and portrays a group of desperate men who would do anything, including killing mindlessly in order to cover the tracks of sexual violence so as to escape their reality at the expense of others. Those portrayed suffering are our elders, women, children and animals. Women are forced into sex, either by rape or prostitution as the only means to survive. Children suffer a different reality of hopelessness and scarcity, having no voice. This is the state of the world today. This world is at war. As the paragraph I refer to, was long and without spaces, I asked the student to stop reading in the middle of it before it turned into torture.

The discussion of male and female energy is a current trend and I believe that it is important that we all know these facts. However, I also see that there is a great misinterpretation of the topic, as in most documents the information provided focuses on the abstract, providing no direction otherwise as to how to restore or balance these energies. Most of the information that caught my eye, seems to concentrate on what will happen eventually, but never on how to get there. Things happen by magic when we believe in magic. The fact is, this world does not believe in magic yet. This is an illusion somehow giving false hope that this will happen as a fact without working towards it. To me, this is just another example of beginning to build the house from the roof. In order to change, improve and transform, we have to do the work here and now. Reading this article will give you insights, but the only way to experience any transformation is through action. We are what we do.

Male energy is powerful, not aggressive. It is expansive, not coercive. Patriarchal society has taught us men to behave and understand our role in society in ways that are detrimental to the planet and all living beings, including ourselves. Men fight men, men kill men and men rape men too. This is the clearest indication that men do neither understand, nor are in touch with the female energy within them. There is an intrinsic fear in all males of the chaotic nature of female energy and of women. The reason is simple, what we don't understand we fear. What we don't seem to realise is that by rejecting this all-embracing energy, we are also opposing our natural ability to lose control, which in turn would allow us to be free from the inherent human need of control.

Chaos and loss of control has to be understood from a creative perspective, as in, playfulness, dance and expressiveness; never from a place of physical destruction. Loss of control would allow you to expand personally and be free from the limitations imposed by the norms and education of patriarchal society. We do not harm anyone in the process. In order to restore the female energy, men have to step back. The role of men is not to rule, but to allow women to flourish. Control is fear; allowing is love. Women are the physical representation of the female energy. In one sentence, they bring colour, creativity, passion and dance; they're more in touch with the soul and their feelings. Through feeling is how we live and heal. Most men are not in touch with their feelings. The role of men is to support and allow, both women and the female energy in the world. What we allow blossoms. What we do instead is to suffocate women, not realising that what we do to others we do to ourselves, and that in turn, we are also suffocating ourselves.

By suffocating the growth of women and the female energy, first, we are smothering our own growth; the personal and collective development that would allow us to become the stunning beings of light we all are. The reason why mankind suffers is due to the use of our energy to stop and coerce the expression of others. Secondly, we are also inviting the role of women to adhere into the lower states of collective consciousness that prolongs pain and suffering in the world. Let's understand this new role as a learning playground in which our souls play and dance together. This is the true role of men in the world, to allow and support women without forgetting ourselves. The benefits that men will receive in exchange are beyond what we can possibly ask for.

This blog is an example of it. It has been created and designed by a woman and it is supported by her on a daily basis. I only do the writing and little more. She does the rest. I only helped her when she was in need. I didn't ask her to do the amount of work she does; she offered instead. Not only this, she encouraged me to do it. She could see the intention, the talent and the potential. By allowing and supporting her, she gave me a vehicle for expansion and creativity which is proving to be an extraordinary ground for my learning, as well as for helping others. And for this I am very grateful. Too often we don't see that what we do for others we also do for ourselves.

Allowing and supporting women, does not mean that we exchange roles. The purpose is not to create a group of women that rule the world, but to work together so no one has to rule over anyone or anything. The idea that the world has to be ruled by anyone is ludicrous. No one should be above or below anyone else and we're perfectly capable to decide what we need and we want in life. We do this together or we don't do it at all. The future of humanity lies in understanding new ways of cooperation, love and respect in which we all are equals. Let's add children to this equation too.

When I talk about women I am not talking about alien species. These women are our mothers, our daughters and sisters. They are our wives and girlfriends; our friends, our families. This is not a separate group from or opposed to us men. All women are family, part of me and part of you. Men and women go together, not against each other. One aim. One intention: Love. Freedom. There are no doubts that the role of women in society has to change so as to begin to express their creativity towards the integration of all. If you are a man and want the women in your life to be safe and protected from the madness and violence of men, begin by treating every woman as if she was your mother, your sister or your girlfriend. What we allow will continue and eventually will come back to us.

This is an active role in society for every man who wants to make a difference. There is no longer place in the world for pejorative terms against anyone, nor violence, nor the rape of another human being or animal. It is the duty of each individual to stop this and to stop it now. Rape and violence is not something that happens to others, it happens to all of us. Next time you are in a situation in which there are men using stereotypes, pejorative terms or foul language against women, don't stay silent and feel the energy of your actions. These men conversations at the local pub or bar aonly serve to train the psyche to elaborate the wrong image of another human being and how they will eventually behave towards them. When we intervene to stop actions and words against others we begin to make a difference by creating awareness. It might not make you friends at the beginning, but as you stand by your beliefs and actions you will begin to transform, gain strength, confidence and become the person you always knew you could be if you're not already. Ask yourself, what kind of man you want to be and how you want to be remembered.

I grew up among women and was raised by them. Due to circumstances there was no male presence in my life until the age of six. It appeared in the form of two different men. One showed me everything I never wanted to be. The other showed me the kind of man I could become and I am now. I made a choice. What I've become is what I gave first to the world, and yes, before I became who I am, I also made mistakes and I continue learning. Today I have the respect I've given. The impression this first man left in me made me revoke the term man and to identify myself as one, until I realised that being a man is not what other men do, but what and who I choose to be. We all decide what kind of man we want to be. It is a personal choice.

The effect that allowing will have on men who decide to change or to continue with their work towards equality, integration and freedom might not be immediate, but as you advance you will see how you gain in respect, love and appreciation. This is a way of living, not something we do today and forget tomorrow when it's convenient. What you give, you receive, and the rewards are greater than anything you could ever imagine. However insignificant you may think your actions are, you are beginning a chain reaction. There are more steps we can follow to restore the male energy and allow the female energy in men, but let's begin for now to build the house from the foundation.

Finally, the process to restore one energy and allow the other is long and it takes hard work. I hope readers understand that this is an article towards integration. As this is a very broad topic in further blog posts I will cover more specific and positive steps to follow in order to achieve this goal. The key words to live by now are these: kindness, respect and love. It is a very simple equation for a great outcome. Add responsibility, fun and humbleness. 

Let's make it fun and enjoy the journey.

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  1. What a great article!! Thank you Manel

  2. Thank you Michelle. You're very kind. Many more to come soon. Blessings


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