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The Return Of The Wild Woman.

Diana, the Roman Goddess, the huntress, is perhaps among all Goddesses the one which best represents the archetype of the wild woman. Although a mythological figure, Diana is very real. The wild woman is real and she lives among us. A woman made out of flesh and bones with fears and anxieties, but also with dreams, hopes and a very particular vision of the world and what it should be and look like. A world full of colour, beauty and harmony which includes all.

Diana is the Goddess of the Moon, hunting and birthing. She is one of the three virgin Goddesses and a feminist icon. She's associated with the protection of wilderness and the animals, as she talks and reigns over them. She is Mother Protectress and see cares deeply about you even if this escapes your perception. There is much more to say about Diana, but this blog post is about the physical representation of her figure in the our world today. 

The wild woman is particularly important in the process of transformation of the world due to her wider vision and a strong sense of direction. She is strongest among all women. A fierce, powerful warrior. She is, however, a warrior of love and her expression would be colourful, creative and passionate. This is the untamed woman, a woman so strong that she would see herself through all obstacles, pain and suffering that may come her path and whom with each adversity she overcomes, she becomes stronger. 

It is simply not possible to tame the wild woman. Mythology comes to life with her. Although she is a woman whose expression is of love and kindness in order to restore harmony and balance to the world, she might break a heart or two in her journey. Breaking someone heart, however painful the experience could be is more a  case of bruising the ego of men, rather than an act intended to destroy or harm another person. Once she's loved you, she will love you and very likely adore you for life. Another thing is that she stays as long as you expected. If you are a man and you've been badly bruised by the wild woman, you were most likely trying to control her. But don't forget this fact, if you suffered, she suffered too, as she is sucking in your pain and help you to heal. Following the myth, when we try to control someone we become mere mortals, and the wild woman would always be a Goddess, a free spirit that knows of no attachments. Highly independent, a deep love for her personal space and with a strong sense of how she has to lead her life, any attempts to control her will inevitably result in a broken heart. She is after all a fearless woman who would stop at nothing to go through the limitations of anyone's expectations. 

Like Diana; she will not hesitate to destroy men who do not honour and respect her divine nature. She will definitely be in control of her sexual interactions. Sex is a sacred act for her. Both men and women would tag her as a loose woman and worse. Deep inside, she's the most romantic of all. What others think is only their thoughts, not who the wild woman is. She very sensitive and highly intuitive. The Moon in this case reflects her light, divine knowledge and wisdom. Intuition is not a quality that should be overlooked. The wild woman has led a life away from the noise and false beliefs of the world, as she uses this intuition to expand. She is a drifter, a gypsy, a woman who seeks experience following the call of the soul. Life is an endless journey of adventure and you will not find her in someone's kitchen unless there's a party there.

The wild woman would defy the rules, traditions and standards of patriarchal society, as above all, she is moved by a longing for freedom, not only of the self, but of humanity. In her quest for love she puts herself through the most unlikely situations to expose truth to the world. She is here to teach us all a lesson of light, love and freedom; the one true nature of the soul. Due to her choices she will suffer profoundly, but she will always continue in her adventure in a fascinating quest for love, truth and freedom. 

The wild woman is, today and will continue being misunderstood by society for as long as society lives under the spell of a false sense of identity and the duality between the material and the spiritual. Due to her nature, she's creative and most likely an artist. The Thinking Muse. She's also charming, sensual and enchanting and she will be desired and rejected by many men and women. Most people would describe her as  'mad' and hold ambivalent feelings towards her.  There is more wisdom and lucidity in her madness than in any rational man. This feeling is a mixture of love and hate, envy, admiration and pity and as I already mentioned, desire and rejection at once. As she is most magnetic, she will attract people from all ways of life. The wild woman is an inspiration to all, but it is her lucid madness that would put people off her ways. For as long as the world live in fear and persists in seeking a security that doesn't exist, the wild woman will continue to be a mirror in which everyone's fears are reflected.

Even though she carries herself with a vibrant sense of self-worth and pride, she is never going to follow fashion trends. Make up or perfume would be the last of her priorities. Why would she spend 30 hours a month or longer disguising her natural beauty -and this is always a very beautiful woman regardless of her looks-  while there's still so much work to do in this world! She is most likely to wear loud undergraduate clothes, colourful and bright independently of her age and what and how she is 'supposed' to dress. What makes her wild is her inherent quality to challenge the norm, and this feature makes her incredibly attractive.

The role of the wild woman is that of a teacher. She's here to teach everyone, especially women, to live in more natural and organic ways. Her innate connection with the spiritual world makes her an example to follow. She picks her knowledge from the universal source available to all, as she has always followed her intuition, there are few books that could teach her the ways of life. Intuition is a conversation with the soul, which she speaks constantly. As she's chaotic in nature and freedom from all convention is what she truly seeks, most people will see her as a threat, despite of her loving and embracing temperament. And that she is also is, temperamental. 

There is a wild woman within each woman waiting to be unleashed. A woman that wants to be free from all social conditioning and false beliefs that society has imposed on each of us. A woman who's struggling to come out and be recognised as what she is and not as what she was told to be. It is true that the path of the wild woman is not one easy to follow, as it is crammed with obstacles, but in the search for the wild nature of the human being, the journey presents experiences from which a woman will learn not only to cope, but to gain the necessary experience to transform herself and be freer every day. There's nothing one can do that would defeat her, like the Phoenix she will rise again even stronger than she was. She's defiant, but charmingly so. Her personal characteristics make her magic, enchanting, poetic, sensual and touched by an air of the ethereal. She is a living contradiction and the most beautiful and selfless soul. Her intention is the goal of the collective, not for her own comfort. If you're in need, she will give you everything she has and everything you need. Sometimes what we need in order to learn is a bruised ego not another white lie.

In 1963 Sylvia Plath wrote what I believe to be her only novel, 'The Bell jar'. In this fascinating  book Sylvia describes how society manipulates an entire gender, what it's expected from women and the existential pain that leads to the suicide of a character who feels trapped and hopeless in a world designed to imprison the soul. The portrait of society during that period is still latent today. Moreover the grasp that society and the economic system has on all of us, both men and women is even more corrosive and suffocating that it was during that period. 

I have already given my opinion on what's needed for the world to transform in the blog post 'Waking Up The Goddess: Why Women Will Change The World And Why The Support Of Men And Women Is Necessary.' This is the reality that we will eventually see in this world, but for this to happen, the return of the wild woman is essential. If you'd like to make a difference, you could learn a lot from her. She needs your help and support. It is very easy to recognise her and you most likely know at least one of them. She's most likely an artist who's struggling the make ends meet. She's outspoken, and in her deeply ingrained sense of independence she will never ask anyone for anything, but she needs to be supported. Buy her art work and offer her your donations so she can spread a message which is beneficial to all; a message of love, peace and harmony, because she might be wild and defiant, but she's also the kindest and the most forgiving of all. 

I have seen the wild woman getting up from a table in the Southbank in London, outside the National Film Theatre, to go and talk to a homeless girl, give her money and hug her. Within ten minutes I saw the same girl returning to thank and hugged her again. During this short period she collected more money from strangers than what was necessary for her to pay the fee for a hostel that night. Previous to that moment, she had spent hours trying to collect some money to no avail. If you have ever met the wild woman, you will know that once you're touched by her, you're always touched. In case you didn't realise it yet, that magic is also within you and you never lost her. The thought of loss is only an illusion. Nothing is lost, everything is here. 

And yes, I have met and loved the wild woman. We danced wild in the fields at night under the Moon. And we're still dancing there, we're still dancing here. Forever, for the wild woman is love, and it is safe, and it is home. She is home. And we let each other go,in tears, still in love; for this is what true love is, the moment of letting go.

Go and be wild, be free and be expressive and expansive. And remember this; to a free man, there's nothing more attractive and beautiful than a wild woman. 

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