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Children: The Invisible Souls. Facts Every Parent Should Know About Their Children.

During the last year I have been in communication with thousands of people around the world. People seeking help regarding health, relationships, heartbreak, depression, reasons to go on and a multiple array of situations that we, as human beings face on a daily basis. No one is excluded from pain, as no one is excluded from joy. We make that decision. What part of the dichotomy we want to live in it's always up to each individual. We can be happy or not. I have seen wonderful and touching, both personal and collective stories. The transformation I witnessed in many has been certainly worth every minute invested. There has been, however, another reality which I have not yet been able to tackle fully, very representative of the dysfunctional reality we have created and which we call society.

Being witness to this has been heartbreaking. Witnessing the actions of certain people; devastating, not to me, but to them, to their children, to their families and the future of the world. This is the sad reality of children today. To illustrate it I am going to describe two situations experienced by two different people in two different scenarios.The first one took place a few months ago in the US. My friend Alex was walking in a public place when a little girl pointed at her and said, "mummy, do you see that lady of light?" The second episode was similar in context, but with a different outcome. I was also in a public space. A little girl who must have been about two years old pointed her finger at me and said, "that man ...." Her mother stopped her from finishing the sentence four times. Within two minutes I removed myself from the scene so as to avoid that the mother continued causing harm to her daugther.

Her mother apologised to me for no reason, while in fact she should have apologised to her daughter for not allowing her to talk. Somehow, this makes me believe that this little girl is going to encounter the same situation over and over during her childhood until she no longer holds any desire to express herself in public. This girl one day will be a woman. It will take her a lot of work on her confidence, not only to talk in public, but to be in a public space. Her mother will always be in her psyche making her feel inadequate talking in public, and most certainly talking to a man. When a child is constantly stopped from talking without a logical explanation, and at that age there is no logical explanation one can give to them, it creates self-doubt, as the message they receive is that what they are going to say, should not be said. This attitude multiplied repeated day after day, year after year becomes an irrational fear in public speaking. This is not a bright future. Ask yourself two questions, do you fear public speaking? and what are the reasons? Most likely you don't know the reasons. Now go back down memory lane and see if the experience feels familiar.

This action that might seem polite and customary of a well-mannered middle class family and in the eyes of many, even innocent, is coercive and cause of trauma in millions of children. The reasons why most people feel inadequate begins in the family and our parents. At the time of the incident I was calmly sitting at a table, writing and drinking coffee; hardly a threat to anyone. The mother in this case is following a learnt pattern from her childhood, probably from a time in which talking to adults might have been considered impolite. The action is the result of fear. Fear to communicate. For as long as we fear to communicate we will never be seen and acknowledged. Many of us never will. To rediscover the true voice on an individual could take years, sometimes a lifetime. We are beings filled with words and things we never said. Everything we never said is an energy built in our bodies that stops us from showing our true self to the world. This might not seem too important, but it might be when you attend a job interview or try to talk to an authority figure. As a child adults have authority. The presence of any authority will make you feel intimidated, once again without logical explanation. This action, however, does not make this woman a bad mother; only unaware. Lack of awareness is widespread as the world is full of distractions.

I am writing this blog post, not only to show to what extent the actions that we might deem as insignificant might affect a person. The past year has been hard when meeting with these children for several reasons. They all two things in common, the feel voiceless and invisible. I have also seen violence and even sexual abuse in some of these children. These are children who will no longer talk to their parents, as they lost their trust. I have seen parents parading their children in public fishing for compliments. Having beautiful children does not make us good parents. Two days ago I was speaking to a mother of two young children in a coffee shop. As she showed interest in the blog, I felt that it was the right time to write this, not only for her, but to every other parent. Parents do care and want the best for their children. I don't know how much she sees, but I do know she sees more than most people. Seeing is being able to penetrate reality to a deeper level, which in turn makes her a better mother, as she can perceive the truth behind actions and the consequences that may follow. We all have this ability, but most of us don't use it.

Fact One: Children have a very different perception of the world and see reality in ways that adults cannot. Every child is born with a very high state consciousness and a connection to different dimensions. What is invisible to an adult, it is visible to a child. If or when your child tells you that there is a presence you cannot perceive, please do not tell them there's nothing there. Say you cannot see it. Ask them what it is, what's the nature of this presence and the intention. Do not make you child feel lonely and make them believe this is their imagination. It is not. This connection that only a few adults keep, is a quality very much alive in children and the reason why a little girl could see my the aura of my friend Alex.

As we grow up and learn fear, human beings separate from love, our natural state of being, as well as lowering consciousness. The result is a life of fear, pain and suffering. The  irony is that many of us will strive for a lifetime to raise consciousness and reach enlightenment. Most people will never reach it again.

Fact Two: Not listening to our children is a tragedy. Children are born with a knowledge and wisdom adults have forgotten. They believe in magic because they live and see magic. They are in a state of love. There is a new generation of children who have been born very strong and they are destined to change this world in a positive way. They come here, not to rule, but to enlighten the world. What kind of parent you become with this knowledge is always a personal choice. There is nothing adults can teach children. Have a look at the world, and in an exercise of honesty, write ten things about your life which are so wonderful that you couldn't live without, of course people.

If you are reading this, you are most likely a parent. You have also been a child. Remember how often and in which ways your expression was cut abruptly for no reason; how you felt about it then. Did you want to rush through childhood so as to become an adult, to realise that as an adult you don't have the freedom you imagined you would have? Yes, you most likely have. Listen to your children, acknowledge them. They want to be seen and they want to be heard. Not doing so creates a lonely being. This world is populated by 7 billion of lonely people who would do anything to be touched and being seen, but somewhere along the way we lost the ability to express our true voice, the voice of the soul that everyone would want to hear.

The voice of the soul is the most beautiful expression anyone could ever speak. Children have that voice and they carry important messages. They might not be able to articulate it intellectually as an adult would do, but their messages carry truths that most adults have forgotten. It's not my job to tell you how to educate your children, all I can say is, be a good parent by having a child who speaks with this voice and see your life changing in wonderful ways. With this information you might to encourage them to express themselves within your beliefs and standards.

And one more thing, just in case you forgot; listen to your children. They are beings of Light and Love. And this world needs to fall in love. The answer to all humanities problems is not in what we believe we have learned, but in what we forgot. All that knowledge lies within the child you once were. Perhaps is time to pause, reconsider and rush back to that childhood you were so keen to leave. Hear the laughter of children.

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