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How to keep Going when life gets tough: 13 tips to keep going on.

Go Through The Experience

Life does get tough for everyone at one point or another for many different reasons.The important fact to understand and remember is that in order to overcome the situation we must ‘go through’ the experience. This experience, whatever it is, will make you stronger. Avoiding the experience, however, will only serve for the experience to keep reappearing. Look at back on your life. You will realise that situations a being repeated, if not the same situation, the same feeling of powerlessness when facing it. There’s no freedom without getting through. 

Focus On The Solution - Not The Problem

The situation has already presented itself. You cannot avoid it. See what you can do, and what you would do if the conditions were not an obstacle to achieve. Be flexible, tap into your creativity and use your imagination. Be as wild as you can with it. The reality of your situation might be stopping you, but nothing can stop your imagination but you. The more you think and concentrate on a positive outcome, the more ideas and healthy results you will attract to your reality.

Ask For Help

Ask for help to those you know and trust. Whether this is practical or spiritual matter, asking for help opens different channels to a reality which seems currently impossible. If the people you know cannot help you, they might know someone who can. If you are alone, still ask for help. The universe is listening. Trust and believe that help will come, and it will. Ask for help as often as you want to. There are no limits to it. The universe is a source of abundance ready to bring you the best there is.

Stay Active

If your vital energy has dropped due to your current circumstances and exercise proves a difficult task, go for gentle walks. It is important to keep the body active during low mood periods. Physical activity helps to increase consciousness and your vibrations. Don’t overdo it. This is not the time to engage in strenuous exercise. You can always increase the level activity as you move on.


Resting is possibly one of the most overlooked activities in modern society. Your body, mind and soul are asking you to pause, calm down, rest and sleep. Resting is as important as being active. There should be a time reserved for both. When your body is at rest, you will be more alert and energised to achieve what you want. Don’t overdo it either. Resting too much has the same effect as doing too much.

Find a Coach

Talk to a friend or a family member you trust to help you come out of it. A good friend who does not nod to everything we say is often the best therapist we can find. What we are looking for at this moment in time is kindness, understanding, support and someone who can walk with us through the experience. There is no need for this presence to be physical. You can stay in touch with someone through Skype or on the phone.

Invest in Yourself

Engage in new activities that increase your knowledge and abilities. Join a course, a new group where you can learn something new and perhaps even makes new friends. Do all those things that you always wanted to do and invest your money on them always within your means. Make a special financial effort for something that really matters to you.

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to those things you enjoy. Whether this is attending an event such a cinema or theatre or purchasing an item that caught your eye, but that you always left for future, do it now. Think in terms of what your soul would want. Treating yourself is a healthy act and a kind offering to yourself. It’s time that you pay a homage to yourself

Stay Healthy

In addition to any kind of physical activity your current state of being allows, treat your body with kindness and a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from drugs –both recreational and prescription-, alcohol, fast food. Eat moderately and always sit to eat. Do a cleansing, but not a fast. The healthier your body feels, the healthier your thoughts will be. Keep your body well hydrated.

Turn Off Your TV | Stay Away From The News

Both TV and news are loaded with negativity and violence. You want to stay away from both. Negativity will only serve to keep your thoughts unhealthy and you mood low.

     Meditate Daily

This is the perfect time for you to begin or to extend the time you spend meditating. Meditation will bring you piece of mind, direction and most likely positive and creative answers. Do not worry if it doesn’t seem to work at the beginning. Expect miracles, but if they don’t come today, they will appear soon. It’s also a good time to join a meditation group and meet with new friends who have a common interest.

Write To Release Your Emotions

Get a writing pad, a pen and begin to write everything that comes into your mind. This is not a diary or a journal, but writing with the intention to get rid of everything that disturbs your mind. In time you will see that your thoughts will change. Writing will allow you to feel and release unwanted energies, as this is a very cathartic exercise. It is better on paper than inside your head. When you have a pile of papers set it on fire as a cleansing ceremony that gets rids of the past and allows a more pleasant future.

Stay Creative

Get involved in something creative, painting, writing, cooking, etc. Creativity will lead you to a better way of thinking and will stimulate your mind. Paint and redecorate your room. Plan a holiday. Create a new reality with your imagination. You will end in the place where you put your thoughts. Keep them as positive as possible.

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  1. Great tips, Manel! When I needed to "retreat" for some me time, it felt wonderful taking a couple online classes from home. I spent a lot of time with myself and gave myself the right to pamper me. It was a real boost. :) <3 Blessings.

  2. Yes Terry, treating yourself is a great way to come out of any situation. Very wise and intuitive of you to have followed that path. Too often we forget to love ourselves, and we attract anything that's near to fill the void. The answer is to keep moving in any direction forward. Many blessings to you too ... <3

  3. Love this post Manel. Great read for when my minds gone like putty!! x

  4. Thank you Elyse ..... We all need a light read when our minds wander off. Which tip do you find more useful? x


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