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Going Through: An Effective Way To Reconnect With Your Soul And A Path To Happiness.

Everyone is born with a memory, a dream and a message. It is our uniqueness that makes us special, and it is in the acceptance of diversity that we can find peace and harmony so as to truly blossom and create a world that supports the collective and separates from the illusion of individuality. Yes, we are all different individuals, and yes, we are all unique, but for as long as we don't accept each other's differences, we will never be free. The reason why diversity is not accepted is because we are not following our  individual dream. Instead we are following someone else's illusion. This illusion is the dream of only a few. We work for them, we fight for them, and we die for them without having a life. As a result, the system only provides for a few, neglecting the majority of humanity.

How this affects you individually has deeper consequences that you might believe. First, you might not be living, but merely surviving. Also understand that this is a portrayal of the collective and as you read this text, it is perhaps not an exact description of every reader, as we all are at different stages of consciousness and personal evolution. It is, however, an accurate depiction of the vast majority.

An individual might be living under the impression that he or she is misunderstood by others. As we forget our initial memory and abandon our dream to follow the crowd, we begin to live without passion and without direction. The longer we are separated from our dream, the deeper we are going to fall into the lies we all have been taught to believe. The reason why people don't understand you is because instead of living and representing our dream, we have built an energy field around us which is composed by these lies. This is not who we are, but what we learned.

The energy of a lie is very powerful and of great importance in the way we live, but it is very weak when we try to express our truth to the world. Our truth and dream is always within, but as we don't live it, it lies dormant and has little influence in our lives. The dream is not only an ethereal abstract and it manifests in talents and creative skills that are very real. You might be using them or not, but they're always there with you. The soul holds within a genius and an artist. Not following the dream only leads to a painful and slow death. This is the main cause of humanity's pain and suffering.

In order to change this effect, the first thing we have to understand is that none of these lies are who we really are. We only act them. You already know what your dream is and what you would like to do with your life. Following a dream might not be easy, but it is the most loving and kindest thing you could do for yourself and the world, taking the initiative and going through the experience no matter what you may encounter. As soon as we decide to follow our dream, we meet opposition, criticism and even discouragement from others, and in most cases our loved ones. Even when their intentions are good and might be trying to prevent disappointment, we no longer have to listen to anyone. You and only you have the right to lead your life.

The negativity we are going to receive from others surges from fear and fear alone. There's going to be envy, jealousy, fear that you succeed and a number of strategies which are devised to discourage you. You are no longer a child. You are a man  or a woman. It's time to take responsibility and stop listening to father and mother, not in the sense that we engage in a battle, but in a way which will allow you to do exactly as you wish. Avoid to be sucked in by the negativity. Don't listen to others, but don't blame them either. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. You are the highest authority in your life and you owe explanations to no one. If anything, be an encouragement to those who want to pursue your dreams. There might be fall outs along the way with those who are closer to you. If they're meant to be in your life, they will return, if not, be thankful for the experience and move on. Nothing but the soul is eternal. Let go.

Following your dream will give you direction. The more time you use to pursue your dream, the closest you are to reconnect with the soul. The other effect that this will have in your life is that as you focus on yourself and the goals you have set to accomplish, the problems in your life will disappear. The equation is very simple. Neglecting to follow the dream leads to an unconscious life. In this state what we attract is negativity and problems to which we give our attention. Many of the problems we have are not problems, but thoughts. Worrying about how much money you have or don't have is not going to bring more money in, but we still persist in concentrating on the lack of it, rather than how to go through the experience.

It is important to go through the experience, to cruise through it as if those problems were not there. The way to do this is to focus all our energy in what we want and what we do and can do, not on what we lack or what we cannot do. By the end of the day you're probably going to have the same amount of money, less thoughts leading to worries and a sense of accomplishment which creates an energy that in time will substitute the negative energy we are driven by while ignoring our talents. Positive energy produces more positive energy and in turn a new perspective.

This is a process which could take long to have the effect that you wish, and it will if you are persistent. There is not one way of reaching your dreams, so if it doesn't work in one way, do not be discouraged and try a different one. What matters is that you focus on your goal. Pay your bills, do what is necessary to survive and continue working on your dream. You might have to sacrifice a few things that you have become accustomed to, but soon enough you will stop missing them as they are not part of your daily routine. To achieve our dreams we have to let go of anything that it is unnecessary. The closer you get to your goals, the more you will see that you've been surrounded by things, habits and beliefs you never needed. This is also an exercise of letting go.

You can begin now. Don't wait until you think that you are ready. You are ready now. The most successful people in the world in most cases started with nothing, completely unprepared and without a clue of what they were going to do next. They only pursued a dream knowing that the energy of their passion would go through any obstacles. This is your journey and a path to peace and happiness. It is now your choice to move forward or to remain where you are. If you are already on this path, may these words serve you as encouragement, and if you're not, see this writing also as an encouragement to reach the happiness you want and deserve.

It is only when we express the truth of our souls that the world will begin to listen and understand you. No matter what you do, there will always be someone ready to criticise or try to put you down. As you get used to paying no attention to it and to go through all obstacles, you will become stronger until no negativity moves you from the certainty of a new horizon. And as you advance in the journey, you will discover the wonderful qualities and magic that you hold within. Then and only then the world will understand you, as this is your soul and the truth of who you are. Seek the company of those who encourage you and if for a while you feel that your path is solitary, let it be. You are not only beginning a new journey; you are also beginning a new relationship with yourself. This is an inner journey often requiring solitude so you can listen to yourself. A new relationship in which unwanted thoughts, worries and drama are no longer necessary. And remember this, if I can do it, you can do it too. It might not be easy, but you will thank yourself for it eventually.

If you have problems feeling what your purpose in life is, you might want to read my blog post 'The spiritual CV.' You might not get it in one day or two, but eventually you will remember, and once you remember, you will do nothing but being who you really are. You are going to need the abilities of a warrior, and these are already within yourself. Now it's up to you to give the first step. No one else can do it for you.

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