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Leadership Tips for men. Understanding Women And Improving Relationships.

Today I begin a new series so as to make it possible for men to have a better understanding of women in order to ease the tension between genders and improve relationships at all levels. This is a free course and there are many reasons why it is free. It is going to be published periodically, but there is not going to be a set day for publication. Men like to be in control of and understand everything. In order to understand women, one of the first steps we have to take is to change our way of thinking, and as a result of it, our ways of acting. Women are unpredictable for their own reasons. To me this is a fact that it's not surprising, and there are many reasons for it. Acceptance of what there is and as it is, is key to understanding.

The blog posts that I will be publishing from now on are not going to give anyone theoretical knowledge, but the possibility to experience it and learn from such experiences. Theory sinks in the mind and only leads to automatisms based on personal interpretations. Even though this is the way we have been taught to learn; learning by memory excludes feeling and emotion from the experience. We don't really learn what we don't feel, hence the experience is stored only in the mind. We want to come out of our minds and begin to think with our hearts. Women are in touch with their feelings. To learn we have to feel the experience. In any case, men do not like to be told what to do, so this experience is going to be flexible enough for anyone to adapt it to their own vision of the world. Without feeling and experience, this is not going to work.

As this series is going to be published randomly and as it comes to me spontaneously, if you don't want to miss it, you might want to follow the blog and get notifications. Also, if there is not enough following it might be cancelled. The advantages of this course are innumerable. What I can reveal now is that it will change your life substantially in a positive way. By the end you will also have a wider understanding, not only of women, but of life and the world as it is and what to do in order to make it a better place. The only way you're going to find out is by following the steps at your convenience. It is OK not to know. It is only when we stop asking questions that all answers come to us. Everything is a paradox.

It is only fair that I also give a warning. The intention of this course is to give men the opportunity to have healthier relationships with women and with society. If these steps were used in any way to manipulate women or relationships, there would be negative consequences. The immediate results that someone would get by trying to misuse this information would not be as expected. My purpose is to promote integration and unity. To use any of it for selfish reasons, will undoubtedly backfire and will only make relationships more difficult. The consequences might not be immediate, but once they appear they will be lasting. If you are reading this I have no doubts that your intentions are good and healthy. What you do with this information is up to you. We can break the rules of men, but we cannot break the laws of the universe. If the intention behind our actions does not come from love, we will never get what we want in life. What is given freely and with love cannot be used with any other energy. Making mistakes is a normal part of life and it is OK though.

You may ask questions directly and I'll do my best to answer them, although I can assure you that most of your questions will be answered by the end of this course. It is in the experience that we learn and it is time that we men as a collective have a new experience. I know that not knowing what comes next is a real challenge for men, so I'll do my best to give new steps as requested. Today I am only going to give three steps. The intention is that we feel the experience. Don't try to understand the way, just live it, experience it and feel it and see what difference makes in your life within a few weeks. By the end you are going to be a leader. Perhaps not the kind of leader we are used to, but one who inspires others to make a difference. And this comes with love and respect from women that you might not be receiving now.

Just in case anyone is interested why I believe I know women better than the rest of men, the only thing I want to say is that I do have the trust of women that men don't. I get much more, but that is for me to know. You are just going to have to trust me on this one, as I am writing this for the interest of everyone.

Be kind: As from today be kind to all women the best you can. This does not mean that you have to accept unhealthy behaviours. This is about being kind to all women and all things female. There is no need for me to tell you what to do. You may choose to open doors, help to carry bags, etc. The choices are endless. You may choose to begin with your close relationships. It is important that you do so without expecting anything in return from any woman. What you do must be done selflessly. Do not question their actions and do not try to understand. Understanding will come at a later stage. I could reveal exactly what is going to happen and describe it so as to understand it clearly. What you are going to learn from this experience has much greater value than what you could ever learn from my words or any book.

Break a lance: Stay away from catcalling and any form of harassment. It doesn't mean that you do it regularly or you do it at all. It is time for men to stand up to situations which make women feel very uncomfortable and even threatened by our presence. Be that kind of man who makes others feel comfortable around you. There might be a need to intervene in certain situations so as to stop this kind of behaviour. Let's do it kindly. It is in situations such as this when we show true courage; when we are calm and change the outcome of a situation. This could happen in a situation in which friends are involved, as in those situations in which boys share sexual experiences in a group or express bad taste towards future behaviours regarding women that might be present in a public space. A change in behaviour might be looked upon with judgment and opposition, but if we really want to understand women, we must make an effort. The importance in this new role you are going to take if you decided to go along with it, is to feel what comes to you with the experience. It could be uncomfortable now, but the rewards will certainly come you at a later stage.

There is a large number of men who do not want to be associated with other men as a collective due to our negative actions not only in the past, but present behaviour. We are still men and removing ourselves from our own gender is not possible. The only way we are going to be able to feel comfortable is when we change and each one of us begin to behave as human beings. It's time that we all grow up towards a new generation on men. Be creative and flexible in your approach. You already know what is right and what is wrong and I'm not going to give step by step of what to do. Use your imagination.

Follow and share: Follow the blog and share this so other men can benefit from it. Sharing will make you stronger. The idea that withholding knowledge from others, so as to avoid them benefiting from it, is based on a competitive behaviour very indicative of male thinking. No one can compete with you or how you apply your knowledge. It's time to show true courage and believe in yourself by sharing and moving with other men as a collective in the right direction. This is a first step.

Finally, I have been hesitating to share this knowledge for several reasons. As I mentioned earlier a lack of followers would only prove that there is no interest. Men don't like to ask for directions and we want to know and even pretend that we know everything. We do not. I am giving this with the best intentions. Now it's up to you how you receive this information. Trust and you will see incredible results by the end of it. It is not easy, but it will be worth it.

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