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Women Dancing With Brooms: Feminism As Understood By Men And A New Perspective.

In my last year as a student at Goldsmiths' College in London during a seminar on American Literature I came across a shocking realisation; none of my fellow students had any knowledge of differences in gender or the struggles between men and women that for centuries have burdened society to the present moment. The shock had nothing to do with the fact that other students in their final year of university were unprepared to face the world, but realising that if students were unaware of such an important topic, what was like out there among those who never had the opportunity to take further studies? As this is not an academic paper I am going to omit the names of the men and the women I admire and that for too long have purposelessly been throwing darts at each other, never reaching an agreement.

Feminism as defined by the Oxford dictionary is: "The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of sexes." This is "equal political, economic, cultural and social rights for women" as defined by Wikipedia.

These are both short and clear definitions which should provide a basic understanding and the logical basis for equality. Everyone understands equality when we don't have it, but when it is a different group suffering the consequences of inequality, that same 'everyone' looks elsewhere. According to the dictionary the principle couldn't be more simple in theory, but as we are not defined by a dictionary, but by the current state of lower consciousness of human nature, reality is more opaque and cluttered with many different angles. Only a quick look at the definitions of humanity, human and humane would suffice to see what these terms mean, what we are supposed to be, what we are and sadly, how very few would fit into those descriptions. It is not only ironic, but tragic that the most irrational of the species on this planet is kindly described as rational by dictionaries. Having the ability to rationalise language and meaning does not make one rational.

Every misunderstanding begins with fear, and men fear change as we fear the world we have created. And it is this fear of change which perpetuates the collective psychosis we live under. Men have been educated to take the lead, rule and control. This is how it was for our parents and grandfathers and even though we rule and control nothing, we still like to live under the illusion that we are in control. Historically our fathers were strong figures as heads of the family. As they had more experience, they also had more knowledge and wisdom. Patriarchy even made some sense then, but not now. We are closer to being pawns in a big brother experiment than strong figures. The figure of the father has somehow dissolved, although  we keep throwing blows in the air in hope we'd get it right one day. We cannot continue hoping without belief. In order to change something must be done differently. However, the last generations have changed this trend with education. These days, in most cases sons have better education and more knowledge about worldly matters. What we don't have is the experience that time brings along. The result is a world we don't understand in which women and children suffer the most and where out elders are obstracised.

Women have the flair, the playfulness and love; children are love, have the magic and hold the answers to who we are, and our elders have the knowledge, experience and wisdom. By excluding these three large groups, we are missing part of ourselves. Men also have many qualities to offer, but it is no longer about what we have, but what we lack. The evolution of men and the human race is only possible if we embrace both, the female and male energy together. Very simply, we stopped evolving with what we have and somehow we have imploded in our stubbornness to defend the indefensible. What rules the world today is the historical inertia which ignores some of the most important elements of being human; flair, playfulness, movement, feeling, love, magic, knowledge and wisdom. Add all these elements to what we have and we have a soul, a collective soul.

As men we must protect what's ours, but by protecting what we have we don't allow in what we don't have, a loving relationship with the soul. It is human condition to fear what we don't understand, as it is to fear what we see and know. We men know that if anyone is brave enough to dance with wolves, this is women. Men could learn a lot about courage from women, as they have been submitted since humanity exists and not only survived, they are coming through. Instead, it is more convenient to make women dance with brooms. A woman is either a witch or a house keeper. If women refuse to fit into these categories the adjectives and social statuses get much worse and much lower.

Feminism is necessary because it stands for the equality of all. In a position of control, women would not allow this world to function as it is. Women are loving and nurturing, and this planet certainly needs love and care. But this is not about control. One of the deepest fears we men have when looking at feminism is that this is a tool used to gain control and rule the world. It is not. It is about equality, to live in a world in which the rights of every human being are taken care of. A healthy and prosperous society can only be achieved through the integration of the whole of humanity. No one is more or less than others. Rejection of feminism is not rejecting an ideology, it is failing to embrace a part of ourselves that would lead us to be whole; and consequently to live in peace and harmony. And by embracing our fears of change and allowing it, men will learn and gain the necessary courage to change the world and improve our lives. It is an undeniable fact that this world is ruled by fear, and for as long as this is the case, no one can shout I am courage. No one. We do this together, or not at all. For as long as another living being is suffering, this is the suffering of all. Feminism is not a movement that wants to come in to take over capitalism, but it might end with cynicism. Equality is making sure that the needs of everyone are met.

Governments and corporations know that fear is the best tool of control to keep the population unhappy and productive at their will, as historically the church manipulated religion in order to control the masses. As the majority of people have overcome the fear of the myths created by religion, governments and corporations have created a crisis in order to control everyone. "Do as I say or you will lose everything you have", to the extent that more and more people are becoming homeless or living under the poverty line. The intention is to render the population hopeless and powerless. Endemic problems such as famine, poverty or homelessness to give a few examples could be solved at any time. But this is not convenient for the elites.

In regards to women and the instability of their situation there is still a lot to change and that has to be changed if we want to survive as a species. The so-called leaders of the world are nothing but a bunch of privileged boys living in fear under the impression they have control. The clear evidence of this fear is the increasing methods of repression against the population and new laws which turn protest and demonstrations illegal acts. What other intention is there besides to silence the voice of the people and our discontent before greed, corruption and the threat of violence we live under?

Historically, in order to keep women under control, men and their institutions have made impossible for women to have access to education, finances, jobs, political positions and what is even more critical, physical submission, degradation and humiliation of their gender. The most repulsive expression of this aggression is rape. Rape continues being a taboo in this day and age. Rape is a shameful act, not only to women, but to the entire human race and it is nothing but the fear of men. As it is still being treated as a taboo, we see isolated incidents that do not link to each other. While these cases are treated individually our perception is manipulated by the media to make us believe that this, really is not a collective problem. It is, however endemic and it is a problem that affects everyone. Hiding the head in the sand does not make it less of a problem. Millions of women are sexually assaulted and raped every year. It happens every day in any part of the world, and if you are a man reading this, it could happen to your girlfriend, to your wife,to your daughter, to your sister or to your mother. No one is exempt from the possibility of this threat. This of course is not due to you or as a consequence of who you are, but know that every woman raped is someone's girlfriend, someone's wife, someone's daughter, someone's sister and someone's mother or someone's friend. And ask yourself a question, do you even know if you are a child of rape? It does happen and it happens more often that you would imagine.

Governments are not interested in solving this problem. It is not due to the fact that it does not affect the elites, but when it does, it is silenced and considered as a she-took-one-for-the-team. Women are crucial in the transformation of the world due to the power they have and which will eventually result in raising consciousness for the benefit of all. In case you didn't know it, there is a war on consciousness and both, governments and corporations have no interest in this happening, as surprise, surprise! when the shift of consciousness finally takes places, they are not going to be needed and they will lose control and power. It means the end of privileges for them as we will all be equal.

One could argue that, how could a government control the actions of an individual? They can't, but they have control over education and value systems. A change in education is due centuries ago. We need an education in which we learn to be human beings, as described by the dictionary. Instead we are taught to be boys or girls and to fear each other. An education in which we truly learn the importance of universal laws and how to live in respect, love and harmony with each other and not against each other.

It is a fact that in times of war, rape is used as a weapon of systematic submission. It is men in fear and greed that begin wars. It is men in fear who send other men to war and who at the same time live in fear. These armies are commanded by men and rape is the expression of the fear men. When rape is systematic one cannot say we didn't know. Systematic rape has occurred throughout history. I know that at this point, scepticism will lead many to believe that "this is not me, I would never do that" and so on, but do not fool yourself. Any man under the right circumstances and living in fear is a potential rapist. What one does or doesn't is a matter of personal choice and yes, for some of us, the choice is clear as we understand the consequences of our actions, not just personally, but to the whole of society.

Feminism is a movement towards equality and  the freedom of human race. It is demanding to live freely without being harassed due to sex, life style or choice of wardrobe. It is not an ideology created to hate men, but to celebrate and love being a woman. If you are a man you probably love women. How can you love a gender which is not allowed to love and be equal and free? A woman is not a convenience, nor something you buy to satisfy your most primal needs. A woman is a human being with feelings and emotions equal to men. Feminism is not about changing patriarchal society for matriarchal society as I heard many claim. This statement is ignorance that is also born from fear. Feminism is a path towards equality for all.

I know that feminism is widely misunderstood by men. The fact that men have been educated to be 'providers' does not make us providers. If we cannot provide for the safety and well-being of all living beings, it is perhaps time to pause and consider the sources from which we learn what we believe we know. The truth is, as a race we know very little about anything. Being given the right to vote does not make us good voters, otherwise the governments that rule the world by targeting our insecurities with empty promises that are never delivered would be removed immediately. I can understand that many men believe that women as they are, if they took over they will seek revenge, but what these men don't consider is that today women are not free and they have to fight for what they want as any man would do.

If you are a man, here are some words of encouragement and an incentive. Throughout life men have been asking me how I can receive so much love from women and particularly over the past year I know there have been many men who wondered how is it possible that I attract so much of their attention. The answer to this question is simple, I have supported and encouraged them to be women and I have showed them the love they wanted and deserve without expecting anything in return. What I have received in exchange is much more than what I could have ever dreamed of; their love, support and respect. But I have also received something that goes unnoticed to the untrained eye and this is that at the same time they have touched the lives of many others around them as a wave and the effect keeps multiplying until it reaches you by default. In material terms I have received very little, although this blog was created for me by a woman and a friend and her support and contribution is very important to me and appreciated every day. I never asked, but as actions cause an effect, in this case it returned to me in this form.

In a society that is ruled by fear, need and greed I could have instead used this knowledge to show men how to get what they want from a woman, turn this information into tricks and make a fortune out of their insecurities, but I won't. I will not feed fear with more fear and this world had enough lies already as it is. There is no need for another opportunistic contribution. No amount of money is worth having if this is raised by actions that corrupt the hearts of others. I will, however show men how to ask and receive what they want from women in a healthy way, as it does not work in any other way, and when men see the effects that this has on them, we will then realise that what we always wanted from women is not what we have thought all along. But in order to do that, we as men have to learn to be free. There is no freedom until everyone on earth is also free from social conditioning and liberated from the controlling rules of another.

If you are a man, this is the time to join in or to continue with your work towards the transformation of society and the world. You could begin with my blog post 'Balancing energies'. You might also want to take this opportunity to ask questions regarding this subject or how men can restore their relationships with women which I will address is future writings. The fact is that women do not trust most men. If you are happy to be distrusted by association be my guest and continue with your life as it is.

If you are a woman, keep dancing with the wolves and don't hesitate to get the wild one out in case there's a need to use the broom to remove unwanted obstacles. And whoever you are, wherever you are. Remember that this is something we all do together, with love and respect towards and equal society in peace and harmony.

There is a new kind of evolved man coming through. We are many and we do not fear women or to embrace the feminine. And this man is coming here to stay. This world is going to change with the shift of consciousness. To remain unconscious is something to really fear.

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