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Understanding Depression: From The Beginning.

Depression is a very controversial topic. The world is full of 'experts' on depression, too quick to condemn a new perspective on the matter, even though they have been suffering from the condition for decades and nothing has so far made a difference. If we have not yet found a solution, it is perhaps time that we begin to consider different alternatives and new proposals. It is not an entity to be taken lightly, as this is the 'medical condition' which causes the majority of people to suffer at some point during their lives.

What I have to say to the sceptics, is that I only write from experience. No one knows my experience better than I do. It is also a matter of fact that during the writing process I feel the energies of the topics I write about. This means that for the last 36 hours or so I have been feeling the energy of depression. However, this does not make me depressed, as I can see through it and I allow it. When we allow energies to flow through us, we surrender to what is. The present moment transforms and in this case, the energy of depression loses all its power. I don't resist any feelings or emotions that appear and simply observe. Depression is a time for introspection, and I am in fact in bliss as I write. In order to reach this state I must neglect my body first. Once the blog post is published the energy disappears and I move on to something else.

I also realise that depression affects every individual differently, as the energy that is built in each person is a composite of all the energies that have been projected on them by others, and that everyone deals with it according to their abilities, knowledge and experience. There is not an absolute answer for all. What I know is that we must go through the experience and that the essence of depression is the same for all. I believe that it is very important that we all share our experiences in order to help others.

The principal reason why depression is still such an overwhelming and devastating force to humanity is due to the fact that we, as a collective fail to allow any new interpretations to deal with matters to which no one so far has come up with a healthy solution. We have bought into the lie of the chemical solution, knowingly perfectly well that it does not work. We keep looking outside for answers and do whatever it takes not to look within.

One might agree or disagree with my understanding of dealing with depression, but no one can challenge my personal experience, as it is a story of success that I'd like to use to help as many as possible. I am neither giving advice, nor suggesting that anyone should follow anything that I write. I am only sharing. If someone had already come up with a healthy solution to any of the topics I discuss in this blog, there would be no need for it; but for as long as there is one person on this planet suffering, we all suffer and I keep going.

Our relationship with depression can appear as early as the day of birth. The transition from the womb to the outside world is not an easy experience for anyone. By the time we are born a new born already has 9 months of contact with their surroundings and they know what is expecting them. For some people the encounter with the violence of reality might have happened as early as the moment of conception. A child conceived during rape would be a very good example. It is most common than most people would dare to admit.

As a fetus our perception is energetic and we feel everything that happens around us. We also feel the emotions that our mothers are going through and of everyone around. A fetus is already a living being and it is very aware of the energies surrounding him or her. The fact that we don't see them does not mean that they are not there.

As a result of this awareness of the future, a child would resists coming out of the womb. When a child comes into this world under this feeling, initially they are weak and over-sensitive. Let's not underestimate this 'weakness'. It is this vulnerability what eventually makes the strongest people. The more sensitive we are the more we are going to feel and perceive our environment. At this moment in time, our parents are burdened with joy and responsibility. Our parents treat us the way they do because they simply forgot they were once children. And in some cases, they even forgot they are human.

Depression appears in a child's life for a very simple reason. This world is programmed to raise and create obedient citizens, while a child is the living expression of the soul. The soul wants to expand through creativity and playfulness, while society demands controlled and predetermined behaviour that does not accommodate either. Playgrounds are great places for children to explore these feelings during the first few years of childhood, but there is an age limit to these part-time fields of expansion. Once we reach certain age and while still being children, the subliminal message is that we are too old to play. When this realisation takes place, the suggestion that we should play is een offensive and shameful. We consider ourselves too old to play. In our minds we are marching through towards adulthood in order to regain the freedom we lost. But as we forget to play, such freedom hardly ever comes for the majority. Instead we turn into our parents, our mothers and everything we disliked as children.

Depression appears as a sign of the resistance of the soul versus a reality filled with lies. For as long as we resist it, depression will always be there to cloud the true expression of the soul. It is an energy field which keeps us numb and lifeless, but it is not who we are. As we don't understand it, we feed it with our resistance and denial. No one wants to be depressed, but admitting that we are is the first step towards healing. It is not that we are weak, but that we have to find our strength in a different source. The basic mistake we all make is to ignore the fact that the child we once were is still very much alive in all of us.. You might want to read 'L'enfant Terrible' to understand how the inner child still controls the life of its adult.

In my childhood there was a family member who tried to convince me and everyone else they knew that I was depressed. I never listened to this person and their attitude which was only devised to excuse their abusive behaviour towards me only served to make me grow angry and stronger. Anger when properly channelled is a very powerful source of energy that allows us to function in life, although it is also incredibly debilitating. as the main recipient is ourselves.

I hear horror stories from my clients and friends on a daily basis regarding how they were treated and abused during childhood. In my blog post 'Children: The Invisible Souls' I already discussed society's attitude towards children and why it is essential that we change these attitudes, by providing a safe environment for them. If we cannot provide a safe world for each of us, as the population increases and the world is overpopulated by more and more angry, depressed and unconscious people, we do not have a future as species.

Children are the victims of the low level of our collective consciousness. The terrifying fact is that we have obliterated the childhood of an entire generation of children whom for the rest of their lives will live under the stigma of depression. First we pump them with sugar, hormones and additives and then we give them the chemical treatment at the first sign of restlessness. As a child we have neither the experience, nor the awareness to deal with depression. We are told what to do. Sometimes obeying involves taking a pill in order to submit to further obedience. And these are the energies that are built in in each individual. This is a clear sign of the neurosis this world lives in and a society surrendered to the inertia of civil obedience, so as not to face our traumas and the inconvenient truths of being human. Hence, the world lives depressed and sedated.

The depression which affects the world today is reactive to the current circumstances. Depression is, however, a blessing that when understood it could help anyone to overcome it and to move into a different state of consciousness. Depression appears as a signal from the soul that it is time for us to pause, reflect and reconsider our path in life, not only individually, but as a collective. The illusion that what made us so unhappy during childhood would ever make us happy in adulthood is irrational. Let's not forget that that child we once were is still here with us now. Perhaps neglected and forgotten, but still here and he and she are pushing through to point out the fact that the choices we made are simply not what we want.

To understand and go through depression we must feel the emotions that are going through us. It is essential that we allow the feeling, embrace it and let it go when the time comes. There is no healing without a process of darkness. We can choose to be distracted for as long as we like, but do we want to continue dragging ourselves through life without having really lived or do we want to break with old patterns and have a better life? Depression will continue being there for as long as we avoid to look into it. We don't like going to work to an office 9 to 5 either, but we still do it every day. Take dealing with depression as a daily duty. It is your life and every day we lose is never going to come back.

In the next blog posts, which is going to be published immediately after this one, I will give a more practical approach on depression and how to deal with it. Although it is not step by step guide, it will explain the essence of it, how to overcome it, and according to the individual, perhaps leave it behind forever. We do not need to live with depression, as we do not need to live with suffering. The first steps are perhaps to remove the stigma from it and to stop burying our heads in the sand. There should be no shame in something that is natural. Depression is not a weakness, but a sign that we already had enough of pretending to be strong in order to please everyone else. There is much more to write on this topic and it will be coming very soon.

If you were interested in reading more, the second blog post on depression, 'Dealing With Depression: Going Through' is already published.

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