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A Practical Method To Listen To Your Inner Voice.

This is a practical exercise that allows to reconnect with the higher self, so as to listen to what you really have to say, not to what the mind keeps constantly telling you. The voice of the higher self is firm, confident and kind. It is an excellent opportunity to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and to gain a sense of direction. 

Be prepared to listen to things you might not want to hear, but that eventually will help you to overcome doubts, worries and fears. It will also help you to let go of the obstacles that are holding you back from advancing in your journey. Even if that answers you might hear are not what you were looking for, the message you are to receive is loving and comforting. This is your inner voice and the voice of your best friend.

Depending on the depth you reach in this experience you could hear simple messages or to have an entire conversation. The message of the higher self is the same for everyone. We all have access to it at anytime we wish to connect, although it will talk to you in a language that you understand. This is an exercise of light work. The message is the voice of the being of light you are, but which you might have forgotten. What you get from the experience depends on how much you invest in it. 

  • Make time for it, as if of a ceremony or ritual in which you are going to honour yourself. You will need to be alone and make sure that you are not going to be interrupted. Disconnect phones or any other gadgets that might cause interruptions. If you live with other people, let them know that you are not  to be disturbed. If you have a family with children, ask your partner to allow for this moment to happen. Make sure that you have no responsibilities to attend or any chores to do for the rest of the day. Making time for this exercise is essential.
  • Have a healthy an abundant breakfast. During the next few hours drink plenty of water. It is very important that you are well hydrated. It is advisable to drink more water than you usually would. Water is a conductor and makes breathing much easier. Skip lunch. The lighter your body feels, the stronger and faster the connection will be. If you are well hydrated and keep drinking water, you should not be hungry. You can eat again once the exercise is over. 
  • Wait until is dark or recreate a dark atmosphere in the bedroom you are going to use. Use your bedroom or a room in which you can be alone. Lie down and make yourself comfortable. Make sure you are warm. Use candles or a dim light if necessary, although there is no need to see anything. You might want to close your eyes. This is a time to listen. You are going home, within.
  • Relax your body and focus your attention in this moment only. Don't try to anticipate what is coming. 
  • Take gentle, deep breaths regularly until it feels natural. Keep breathing while relaxing your body. Keep hydrating if you have to. Feel the sensations in your body. This process could take minutes or even hours. Don't allow the waiting to make you anxious. This is a time for you to be alone and do nothing. The breathing will help your body to relax and if you have hydrated properly, the process will be easier.
  • When you feel that it is appropriate, increase the intensity of the breathing. If you are breathing naturally, the air should reach your stomach. Keep doing this for as long as it is necessary. If you have never listened to your inner voice before, this exercise might makes you feel new sensations in your body and your mind. You might also experience the feeling that your body is disappearing.
  • As the inner voice appears, keep breathing. If you don't it is very likely that it reminds you. It will tell you to keep breathing and to stop thinking. Just listen to it. You may ask questions. Remember that this is a silent conversation with yourself. 

When the inner voice appears, it will tell you what you need to know at the time and what you are ready to hear. The effect that abundance of water and air will have in your body will help to stop the thinking process and calm the mind. As this experience is different for everyone, once you have started follow your intuition and make it your experience. Be flexible and above all, be patient. 

Once the experience is over you might want to write down what you hear. It is better to keep quite for the rest of the day and not to talk too much afterwards, but this is your experience, so do with it as you please. If the exercise is successful, you will feel a sense of relief immediately. 

The voice that you are going to hear is the voice to personal transformation and freedom; the path towards universal truth. Your commitment to it is what will make a difference in your life. As usual, it is your choice.It's always your choice.

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