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The Price Tag: The Consequences Of The Male/Female Inequality In The Work Place And Worldwide.

Gender inequality is present in all social strata and can be found anywhere in the world. Although financial inequality is not the most important, it is given much more attention that it deserves and it is used as another tool to control the masses. Money has become a lesser god in which we don't believe, but in which we put a lot of faith and hope, as if it was to solve the problems the world is facing. In this case, the paradox only serves to keep humanity dangling in a reality of uncertainty and fear.

Throughout history, the role of men has been that of the provider. From the earlier hunters to the contemporary man, men have been responsible to put the bread and butter on the table, while women were relegated to the home environment in non-remunerated positions. The housekeeping duties of women are well known. Being born female came with unwritten rules of a most certain future to which women had to be resigned to and accept in silence.

Although these roles are balancing in western civilisation, inequalities still prevail and in numerous professional positions, women received lower wages than men. This is of course not a general rule that applies to every professional environment. The historical inertia of patriarchal society is responsible for maintaining the belief that a man is worth more than a woman, hence men are not only regarded as more appropriate for these positions, but they also that they deserve higher financial rewards.

The general belief is that this cannot be changed, and there are no initiatives to balance such inequality. The private sector in the era of the most aggressive capitalism has carte blanche to do as they please. No government that wants to keep their reign of control dares to challenge banks or corporations. Their money is what is keeping them in power and their money is what removes them as they wish.

Feeling less valued for an equal effort is not the only consequence of such inequality. There are still many men who believe that we are providers by birth right, therefore we need to hold those positions in order to become a walking cliche dictated by the obsolete values of patriarchal society. To keep feeding patriarchal society by complying with these requests does not help men either.

As the roles in contemporary society have changed, and some doors have opened for women in the professional environment, they have also adopted the role of the provider, thus, gaining economic power, social status and independence, even though it comes with a price and certain sacrifices have to be made.

In order to maintain these jobs, women have adopted some of the more aggressive and competitive characteristics of men, so as to survive in the work place. By having achieved financial independence, this group of women, not all, must sacrifice more traditional roles, such a family or they postpone it to a later stage in life. Somehow, femininity has been relegated or suppressed. They are no longer the nurturing, loving women that history has portrayed. In such an imbalanced society, change often comes with both consequences and personal sacrifice and until equality is achieved, they will keep acting these roles, which are not natural neither for men, nor women.

It does not mean that women stopped being women, but that they have somewhat separated from the female energy, as men did and now we are both playing unnatural roles in order to survive and have a better life in material terms. It is neither right, nor wrong. It just is. The fact the feminism is strive towards equality, does not help, as feminism is not yet a movement understood by all.

The change of roles brought consequences to all. Men who still believe we are hunters, not realising we no longer hunt the food we bring to our tables have a hard time adapting to this new way of living. Men now have to compete with women for professional positions, as well as with other men. How can anyone compete with someone that we don't really understand? Women still remain a mystery to men, and there seems to be not much interest in changing this either.

To add to the current economic crisis, men now have to face women in superior positions, with higher purchasing power and completely independent. The role of the hunter or provider is no longer here. Money is being used these days as a status, not as a means to an end. The roles are reversing. Men no longer feel indispensable. Feelings of shame or not being enough appear, affecting not only self-esteem, but relationships. The fact that a woman earns more than their partner, although not in every situation, can be cause for crisis in couples, instability, and even existential inferiority. This can be understood from the perspective that historically men have enjoyed such positions having neither being questioned or challenged by women.

But these are the feelings that women held for centuries. Throughout history men have used laws to keep the illusion of superiority, with no other intention than to suppress and control women we fear. He who needs to control others with fear is living in fear himself. Roles might be changing, but they are not improving the situation. Instead it is now that men feel inadequate or not enough.

While the roles have changed, education has not. Boys continue being educated to be men, while girls are educated to be women in the traditional sense. History and tradition has brought us to where we are now, facing a reality no one wants to see. We adapt to the roles, but we live in a world full of friction, distrust and misunderstanding, and sadly, we continue competing against each other.

There is, however, a new breed of men that is coming strong that understand the process and the need for equality and support for everyone, but we are not yet enough in numbers.

Whether one earns more than another, or whether this is a man or a woman, this is not what truly matters. Most of the world population receives less than enough to live a decent life. We are not working to live, but to survive. It is not so much about equality between men and women, but to reduce the gap between have's and have not's.

It is essential for all to understand, that the roles we have been playing since the beginning of civilisation are artificial and against our nature. There is no inequality at a soul level and even though we are all different, no one neither superior, nor inferior. Competing against others is competing against the self. Everyone has the responsibility to understand that we are seven billion people on this planet. How many do you think you can take on? With this belief, there is always going to be someone else in a superior position, living the false illusion of superiority with whom we will not be able to compete.

We have to move together and aim for collective goals in order to create a world in which we all can live in peace and love. We must stop feeding the giant, the corporations and find ways in which we can produce what is essential to us locally, in cooperatives, small businesses and communities. This is the path towards a better world. The price of our basic needs keeps raising, while salaries remain the same, and as we are currently going through an economic crisis, which could end by tomorrow if they wanted to, prices are being frozen and even reduced. It is us, the majority who pay a high price for the mistakes of a few. Only that they are not mistakes, but excuses to keep us all living in fear.

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