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In Love, In Lust:

‘In Love, In Lust’

Now that I see you, loud breath of life pungent, desired
With joy I receive the kiss perfect; yet, dithering in lust,
How sure I feel your body, tortured linger of lifelong must,
Oh bronzed Goddess, surrendered in naked flesh attired.

Rushes of ecstasy come in whispers that you attentively hear
Conquered by deep stillness; passively open, alert you lie,

Deliberate my hand uplifts a grief captive off your thigh,
Mordant anguish repaired at the sound of my word in your ear.

In lust, my tongue questions processes of memory to see,
To have your substance, humid flame of rising mound;
Tongue invading the purple shore that quiescent agrees
At dusk, to the wounding rapture of climax crowned.

I will come another night to lie with you and misguide
With a lover’s impetus, the careful hand of a friend,
Dark angels and low desires towards inevitable end,
As you helplessly murmur at the feeling of home inside.


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